Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Agile Basics (A getting started guide)

* (updated Sept. 16th - new prezi version)

This presentation is meant to show to new teams to help them get started. I wish I could say it was completely unique and completely new, but it is a simplification of some existing presentation with images and ideas from others on the web. Please feel free to use it and give me any feedback you have.

Here is an example prezi of how another team implemented these ideas in a year. Thanks Thomas Ferris Nicolaisen for showing this to me.


  1. Hi Wes, cool usage of Prezi! I digged your approach with the rotating around the agile values and the principles. I've done a related presentation, maybe you'll find it interesting.

  2. thanks for the feedback, it is getting late here but i will take a look at your presentation first thing tomorrow morning. always looking for ideas to help me and the teams i am coaching.

  3. cool, example of how you implemented these ideas over a year. I really different aspect on the prezi going in the order. I am going to add a link to this directly to the blog post.

    a few questions, why did you wait so long to add the retrospectives? how did you identify which was the next biggest benefit to work on without the retrospective?

  4. Good question. We introduced retrospectives so late because it was a bit intimidating. For a team that's used to having bosses and architects telling them what to do, it feels a bit "dumb" or wasteful to participate in a retrospective. I wanted to be sure that we had enough material (tried out some practices), and that I knew the team well enough to facilitate. It wasn't really planned to end up so late, it just kept being postponed.

    Up until that point, we just introduced the practices in the easiest order as we saw fit, more or less :)