Thursday, December 15, 2011

Agile is Festivus All Year Long

In agile we celebrate Festivus all year long, in an iterative type of way.

Festivus pole does not exist in Agile as it did not exist in the original O'Keefe family celebration. If you must have one use it to hold up your planning board.

Festivus dinner or Demo is a celebratory event where we look at the past iteration and rejoice in our accomplishments. Each group takes joy in that the fact that they alone made the iteration successful.

The Airing of Grievances or Retrospective is where we lash out at our team mates about how they have disappointed us during the past iteration or release. During this time we blame others for what did not go well during the iteration.

Feats of Strength or Iteration Planning and Backlog Grooming is where business an IT wrestle to control priorities and features that will be worked on during the iteration or release. Festivus is not over until the business lead is pinned down and forced to allow work on technical stories.

Festivus miracles or story acceptance are meant to occur throughout each iteration but regularly are delayed till the last day of the iteration or the first few days of the next iteration. These occur randomly at the point everyone is tired of arguing about one final UI tweak or refactoring.